Kickstart Skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of questions & answers that we are asked on a fairly frequent basis, if the answer to your query is not available below, then please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any further queries.


Do you follow the National Curriculum?

Yes, all of our lesson plans are built around the curriculum.

Are all Kickstart Skill’s teachers fully qualified?

Yes all of our staff members are qualified to teach within a school environment.

Do you record and assess pupils?

Yes, we provide class teachers with pupils progression reviews each term.

Extra curricular

Do you specialise in any sports for after school clubs?

We have a great experience in both football and rugby however we can cater for many sports including volleyball.

Do you provide any other clubs apart from sports?

We do a multi skills club, which focuses on building core motor skills and develops physical strength. Its also really fun! We would usually aim this at KS1.

Our team building club is set to improve relationships and school morale. We usually aim this for KS2.

Do you provide lunch time clubs and breakfast clubs?

Yes we do! We can cater each club to your needs.

Do you have any provision during the school holidays?

Yes, our holiday club Kickstart Kamps aims to keep children active throughout the holidays. For more information please visit

Kickstart Kamps

Where is Kickstart Kamps?

Collingham Memorial Hall, Main Street, LS22 5AS

Do we provide lunch?

No, we do not provide lunch. However we do provide bottled water and light snacks.

What time do the sessions run?

Day session runs from 9AM till 3PM. Early/Late sessions run from 8AM till 4PM.

How much are the sessions?

Day sessions are £20 and early/late sessions are £25. Bulk deals apply differently to each event.

What age does my child have to be to attend?

We invite children aged from 5 to 11.

What if it rains?

Although we take health and safety very seriously we do wish to get outside as much as possible. We will brave wet weather providing it’s warm enough and not too slippery. Please ensure that your child has some kind of waterproofs and spare socks.

My child is not sporty, will they fit in?

We like to offer children a range of activities at kickstart that are inclusive for everybody to enjoy.

Will my child be grouped with friends?

A lot of children come without knowing anybody we make it our priority to make sure the children come together and make peers as soon as possible.

Does my child have choice in what activities they do?

We like to come together as team in the morning and participate as a main group however children are given a choice of what activity to do in the afternoon.

My child is allergic to nuts how will I know he won’t come in to contact with them at lunchtime?

We have a no nuts policy for both staff and children.

How do I check my child in and out?

We sign each child in as we greet you in the morning. When you collect we will ask you to sign for their departure.

What if I am running late to drop off or pick up my child?

Please give us a call on our emergency contact mobile 07720266624 / 07725597961

What should I do if my child is sick and can’t attend?

You can call our emergency contact mobile on either 07720266624 or 07725597961. You can also email us at

This is the first time I have sent my child to a camp that is not in a school, what security measures do you take?

We work on child to adult ratio of 1:8 this allows us to keep an eye at all times. We have boundaries within our playing area, which will be briefed to the children every morning.

What do you do if my child has an accident?

Bumps and grazes are bound to happen from time to time this is why we always have at least one first aider on site at all times. If the accident is minor we will do our best to make sure your child is OK. We will record all details and hand to you on pick up. We have procedures in place for more serious injuries.