Kickstart Skills

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the supply of activities carried out by Kickstart Skills Limited. All terms apply to our Kickstart Kamp holiday club and Kickstart Skills P.E activities. No other terms apply.

By booking with Kickstart Skills Limited you are acknowledging your full acceptance of our terms and conditions confirming that you have read through them with understanding.



Terms apply to bookings made with Kickstart Kamps.

All bookings will be confirmed via email. Payment must be received before the activity start date. If you would like to cancel your child’s place then we require cancellation within 14 days of booking confirmation to issue a full refund.


Health & Safety

All staff members have been trained to carry out emergency first aid and all hold the Emergency Aid Certificate by an official body. In the unfortunate event further assistance is needed our staff will follow our health and safety policy and call the emergency services.

By agreeing to these terms you accept our procedures and give consent to carry out emergency first aid.

It is important that your child is safe whilst taking part in activity;

  • Acceptable clothing must be worn with no jewellery e.g. no earrings, rings etc.
  • Any mouth retainers must be removed before activity (if removable).

We have the right to exclude any child from activity if these requirements are not met.


Child protection

All staff are trained in child safeguarding and follow our child protection policy and procedures.

Please see our child protection policy here:


Medical information

We require full medical information before the activity start date. Please give full medical/ allergy information.


At the end of the day

All children must be picked up by a parent / guardian – every child must be signed in and out by their parent / guardian. Any exceptions will have to be discussed with Kickstart Kamps staff on the day.


Film / photography consent

We may like to take photographs or film throughout our activity for promotional purposes only. You will have the choice to opt your child out of any film/photography when booking through our website.


Personal belongings

We do not take any responsibility for damaged or lost items whilst at our activity. Please be responsible for you child’s belongings. No tablets/ phones are allowed on site however if absolutely needed a member of staff can hold it until the end of the day.


Policies and procedure

All policies and procedures are available upon request at



In the unlikely event you feel the need to complain then please contact us on . The complaint will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.

We take your views very seriously and like to keep our valued customers happy. Refunds will be issues if we have substantial belief that this is needed.